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Been very busy… and so have finally finished typing, drawing, photographing and sample making for the owl/cat/thing sewing kit. Now have hands tied behind back to prevent more tweaking!

Not really- but sometimes I get the idea this could become an option, especially as we sold one zippidy quick after listing it in the Etsy shop and Folksy shop (yeah!), and needed to get it to the post office. Of course the colour printer took one look at the 13 pages and fainted clean away. She had been a bit temperamental of late… ”you will have this nice auberginey purple instead of conker brown” sort of stuff… but I didn’t realise it was so close to terminal!

Oh well, good job it comes out nice and clear in black and white.

I’m very pleased with it and I’m looking forward to testing it with some more children (in a home schooling group) soon. More crazy creatures on planet Wonky.

Speaking of which:

WonkyGiraffe Three Crochet Cats

WonkyGiraffe Three Crochet Cats

Also been crocheting a bit recently; nice and cosy in front of complete mindless c**pola on TV. Have made three little guys from this sweet pattern which I found ages ago (and have just rediscovered in my messy pattern collection).

I’ve wanted to make a blue amigurumi cat since I found the famous Amineko sleepy cat when I first started interneting. I guess he really helped kick off my amigurumi/craft blog/etsy etc. discovery path.

This little one is probably more suited to my minute project attention span as I can finish one in an evening. The blue chap was promptly claimed by baby girl so I’ve made more. For me. I modified the second one to avoid a neck join, and crochet in the arms instead of sewing them on after. I’m with Cheezombie on the never sew up thing (Check out her fab patterns). However the yarn was a bit thick and scratchy so he has an unfortunately thick neck! I also lied when I said he was finished… no face. The “is it a zombie” comment (well; he was at the one eye testing phase) kind of killed my enthusiasm…

WonkyGiraffe Zombie Cat

To explain this cruel comment further; I am trying out some kid’s earrings from ‘Claire’s Accessories’ as eyes. This may sound strange but I just had to – they look just like weird little eyes right?

Claire s Accessories Eye Earstuds

I usually embroider eyes on things so this was an instant way to try out the glass eye look. Don’t worry, I’m not letting them near any babies and it’s just a tryout. I’m not too sure about the effect, especially after that comment.

Crochet Cats

Crochet Cats

Hey, I just realized there is a sort of Avatar look to little blue cat… and baby girl just saw that film… subconscious is also a little weird sometimes…

So anyway last night started another one (I know; but I will go back to zombie, honest) in my current favourite fox colour. He’s nearly done but I have two earbud cosies to make for the shop- so I must be good and do them first. After dinner!


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Well that’s the snow gone- back to the normal January sog now. Grim. This is also NOT helping with the light for taking photos; anytime after 12ish there is really noticeable blue cast, and by 2pm you can forget it- unless you want everything in “shades of cyan”. This is annoying ‘cause I need to take step by step ones for the owl/cat thing kit. 

Which,  by the way, is driving me mad. It’s my own fault, instead of just popping it in a box with one info sheet and a pattern I’ve done my usual OTT thing. Almost on it’s own it’s kind of morphed into a proper lesson with loads of creative variables! I ‘m realising the main element of my workshops is probably me; and I can’t replace that, even with loads of instructions. Hopefully the photos (even in blue tones) will help. Meanwhile I’m still typing… 

I want to make a kit that is not just a “do it this way” boxful, but something fun which gives creative choice and AND basic skill support. (Now I sound like a helpdesk!) 

Anyway here is a sneak preview of some “we prepared earlier”… 

Owl Cat Thing

Owl Cat Thing


The gallery has been started with an animated gif of some of the variations:- 

SewASoftie Flickr Gallery.

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Cherchez le Robin.

Still looking at snow!

We had more – along with the rest of the country! We decided not to even attempt the (very) steep hill outside our house. We’ve had no need to go out, so we haven’t, although we were tempted on Thursday as it was sunny and gorgeously sparkly everywhere.

You would think I would get loads done with enforced in-door-ness, but somehow the time, like the garden, has been one fluffy drift.

I have been totally distracted by watching the birds in the garden, all beautifully visible against the snow. I am not normally a bird watcher but I have been working right next to the French doors, and as that is the only place I can reach without cold weather gear, that is where I’ve put some bird food. What results… Loads of different birds; even my limited bird recognition has noticed thrush, chaffinch, starling, blackbird, sparrow, pheasant and an elusive robin.

We have been playing ‘cherchez le robin’ for days, he is so nippy, no wonder he keeps coming back for food, he must use up all the calories zipping about. Trying to watch him is a bit like stop motion film making. There he is – oh he has gone – there he is – oh off again, etc, etc. Good job all the wasted pictures are only digital.


 Of course like so many Christmas card photographers I have been seduced by his robin-ness against the snow.  He’s a natural poser- tilt head… the other side… flick tail… front…. fluff up… but always off again before you can say “zoom in”.

I know. So totally passé but when it is right in front of you for real… Unbearable cuteness.

In between I have at least managed to do some work on a ‘no plastic bags please’ poster for the local Friends Of the Earth group.  I’ve been trying to make some progress with adapting a little owl softie sewing workshop I did recently, into kits, so I can put them in the shop.


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Happy New Year 2010-    

Twenty Ten – how sci-fi that sounds!    

  This year Wonky is going to try to get to grips with typing-     

not easy when you’re a dyslexic giraffe!    

If only I typed as fast as I speak…    

Still in holiday mode here; well actually just achieving holiday mode, after a rather exhausting Christmas! (Nice though). I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time preparing food in the kitchen. This may be the norm in some households but the kitchen is a room I’d happily dispense with 90% of the time. I dislike cooking so much that my daughter bought me this fridge magnet for my birthday a couple of days ago!      

Fridge Magnet photo

I was going to make a delicious dinner - then I remembered I don't cook


  I love it; it made me laugh so much. Actually I do, of course, cook. Reasonably well too I’m told (usually by desperate hungry people). I just moan about it so much everyone is beginning to think I don’t/can’t. Well, I did excel myself with daily spreads of home made goodies this year, or rather last year, which is why it only now feels like holiday time. I actually cleaned and tidied (OK removed tons of chaotic clutter) as well before Christmas; only so we could actually eat at the table and sit somewhere! So now I can enjoy some crochet or knitting- I daren’t get the sewing out quite yet as I’ve promised to start this year with starting to de stash….   

cue horror music… “THE LOFT”.    

  I’m also going to add these photos of the beautiful Narnia like, snow laden woods behind our house just before Christmas. I know lots of places get this all the time but for me it is a rare treat so I took masses of photos. I hope to use some in an art project soon- Narnia theatre boxes for the shop maybe.    

Through the gate and up into the wood

Through the gate and up into the wood

This beauty was the reward for sitting in the car in heavy (well, heavy for here) snowfall for the 4 hours it took to drive home, the evening before. Out of a car park and a mile along down the road! [High Wycombe was on the countrywide news as it was completely gridlocked; no one could get up, or down our steep hills!] It was miserable at the time- but the next day we met lots of people out enjoying the unexpected “proper” snow- all with stories of their experiences!! So it was worth it; especially this sweet vintage sledge,      

vintage wooden sledge with metal runners and red motif

vintage wooden sledge with metal runners and red motif


  and this one my son and Mr WG “wizzarded” up, on our kitchen floor, the instant it snowed – now that is a good use of the kitchen.     

homemade sledge

homemade sledge

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