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I’ve been thinking about what the blog is really for, hence the long gap.
I’ve decided what I really want to do is talk about making things art and projects, not witter on about the weather (although the snow was an exception and inspiration). Which reminds me, my Narnia Paper Boxes are languishing in a half developed state… mmm.
So here is what I have been doing recently.

I made a couple of little stuffed fabric beetles for the shop and sold one to a very nice lady in Texas, who then ordered 4 more ! We obviously share a similarly wacky sense of humour, and to cut a long story short, she christened the first one “Agatha” and since then the name has stuck, we are all calling them ‘the Agatha’s’ now (a new collective noun).

I’ve just sent them off, although not packed like this!


I’d put them in this matrioshka box my friend gave me and couldn’t resist this picture. When I looked up they looked for all the world like they were enjoying an afternoon on the river in a little rowing boat.
I quite like bugs for inspiration; although not so much close up and personal! When I found this old (50’s ? 40’s ?) curtain, it immediately said “beetle” to me (I know, I am weird like that) and wait ‘ ‘til you see the red curtain! Ladybird anyone?



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