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I'm in touch with my inner child; I make quirky toys from recycled and vintage fabrics. They may look slightly wonky, because Wonky is a GOOD thing for toys, they just need extra love.They aren't sewn wonkily 'though :) I have run creative workshops with children of all ages, and I test my ideas on them as I go.. (they don't seem to mind). I'm adding in some other stuff from these from time to time, including DIY kits. Contact me if you need somthing creative developed on a theme for your children or class to make. --- WonkyGiraffe.com --- I have been sewing since I was about 2 according to my mum. Apparently I used to climb on her lap when she was at the sewing machine because I wanted to do 'sheening (machining) with her. I am really enjoying making things for the sake of it now, after years of doing other stuff. All my wonky little people come with their own personalities, I don't plan it, just the last stitch seems to do it !

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