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Met a nice lady on Folksy – we swapped lantern ideas, her illustrated calico ones are one of those “simple-but-oh-so-effective-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that-before” ideas.


It made me think of making my paper lace lantern with stiffened fabric – hmmm watch this space.
I’ve sold another fabric beetle.

Alexander Beetle Pin Cushion

And a Beetle Matchbox too.

I have always loved A. A. Milne’s poem “Forgiven” about a little boy who has a pet beetle which his nursemaid accidentally liberates from its matchbox. I did a workshop with this poem and bug in a box idea and I enjoyed it so much I went on to make my own version (slightly more refined LOL). This is what the children made:-

Beetle Orange Box

Orange Beetle Box

And this is what I made:-


WonkyGiraffe Alexander Beetle Box

I was pleased with the nice quiver on the beetle when the box is opened.

Beetle Box

Making the Beetle Matchbox was a bit of a side trip from the matchbox accordion I am working on now, a Dark-Dark-Story.

DarkDark story matchbox

DarkDark matchbox WonkyGiraffe

Yes I know Mary-Mary etc still unfinished but I was inspired by Halloween…

Yes I know that has past… but I was on a roll, and it is nearly finished. Anyhow it is a story book “not just for Halloween but for life”.

My Nan told it to me; and everyone goes “oh – yes…” when I mention it. So I think it’s fairly well known. I will try to get it listed today Here it is. . Then maybe I will have time to get on and finish the other two.


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Very busy over the Easter Holidays, including two big events: the first at the museum.

Visitor stats – 3000 on the Sunday and 5000 on the Holiday Monday!
Not all came to make butterfly chains with me and my lovely volunteers, but it was rather busy…

Museum Volunteers - WonkyGiraffe

We made butterfly strings, to tie in with the end of an exhibition.

WonkyGiraffe flutterbys

I would normally put this activity out for children when I am not around, but they said ‘keep it simple – it will be busy’… and it was!
It’s such a simple activity but strangely (to me anyway) lots of children like just “colouring in” butterflies.

WonkyGiraffe flutterbys

WonkyGiraffe flutterbys

Sticking them on a string gives an extra creative element, so they can make it into something; to wave about, decorate their room,

WonkyGiraffe flutterbys

or as you can see on the older girls –

WonkyGiraffe flutterbys

to wear!

I will make an “Art Pack” of these (with extra bits in), for the shops, as lots of people asked me for copies of my instruction sheet and templates to use for parties and holidays.
Not too much appeal for boys ‘though, even with bees.

WonkyGiraffe Bee

So I couldn’t help myself taking extras for the second day, and we had lots of caterpillar bookmarks and bugs.

WonkyGiraffe Beetle String

WonkyGiraffe Beetle

I also made this chap

WonkyGiraffe Guardian

The guardian of the cash tin!
I didn’t think him very worthy, (I’m always disappointed with clay!)
So, like a brave grown up, I let him return to the clay bin once he’d finished guarding for the morning!
Now I feel kind of betraying, seeing his cheerful face…
but at least a kind person took his photo for me!

I was inspired by the talented potter, Bird Wallond * after seeing these cute owls she had made.

Bird Wallond Owls - WonkyGiraffe

She and her helpful sons (who helped me lots too) ran a “making clay heads” workshop with the children.

*Leave a comment if you want to contact her – I tried to persuade her to set up on Etsy or Folksy as she sells them!

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Big excitement here at WonkyGiraffe home before Easter, but too busy to really blog (or gloat) about it.
modmomME put me in the Etsy Treasury she made, here is the screen grab:-

And thus I was on the front page of Etsy!

etsy frontpage

But it did generate lots of hits to the listed little bug, and to the shop, because I had 19 item hearts because of the beetle and 14 shop hearts on the shop in one day. Much in the famous way of busses; long gaps then loads at once! It took me a while to work it out – but I knew something different had happened! I wasn’t the only one; while I was investigating some of the other sellers featured, who had hearted me, one of them came back and asked me “do you know what is going on here?”. By then I was able to say “yes” and point them to the picture above courtesy of this nifty site. Thanks to craftcult.com for the stats tools for Etsy. Without them I wouldn’t have even seen my glorious moment on line.

I have also been kindly mentioned by some other bloggers who I would like to thank here too.


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I’ve been thinking about what the blog is really for, hence the long gap.
I’ve decided what I really want to do is talk about making things art and projects, not witter on about the weather (although the snow was an exception and inspiration). Which reminds me, my Narnia Paper Boxes are languishing in a half developed state… mmm.
So here is what I have been doing recently.

I made a couple of little stuffed fabric beetles for the shop and sold one to a very nice lady in Texas, who then ordered 4 more ! We obviously share a similarly wacky sense of humour, and to cut a long story short, she christened the first one “Agatha” and since then the name has stuck, we are all calling them ‘the Agatha’s’ now (a new collective noun).

I’ve just sent them off, although not packed like this!


I’d put them in this matrioshka box my friend gave me and couldn’t resist this picture. When I looked up they looked for all the world like they were enjoying an afternoon on the river in a little rowing boat.
I quite like bugs for inspiration; although not so much close up and personal! When I found this old (50’s ? 40’s ?) curtain, it immediately said “beetle” to me (I know, I am weird like that) and wait ‘ ‘til you see the red curtain! Ladybird anyone?


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