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I’m so pleased !

My cosy has been mentioned on Etsy’s Positivity Team Blog in a Friday’s Fancies Treasury: – http://positivityteam.blogspot.com/2010/07/fridays-fancies-love-all.html !

Along with these other nice Wimbledon “diffusion lines”

Thank you Bluebelldesign and the Positivity team.

More on this later methinks.

Sounds like a team with a good vibe to join in on…

Meanwhile here are some crocheted thoughts that went with my DaisyCup pegbag, I thought they were nice and summary to share.

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Big excitement here at WonkyGiraffe home before Easter, but too busy to really blog (or gloat) about it.
modmomME put me in the Etsy Treasury she made, here is the screen grab:-

And thus I was on the front page of Etsy!

etsy frontpage

But it did generate lots of hits to the listed little bug, and to the shop, because I had 19 item hearts because of the beetle and 14 shop hearts on the shop in one day. Much in the famous way of busses; long gaps then loads at once! It took me a while to work it out – but I knew something different had happened! I wasn’t the only one; while I was investigating some of the other sellers featured, who had hearted me, one of them came back and asked me “do you know what is going on here?”. By then I was able to say “yes” and point them to the picture above courtesy of this nifty site. Thanks to craftcult.com for the stats tools for Etsy. Without them I wouldn’t have even seen my glorious moment on line.

I have also been kindly mentioned by some other bloggers who I would like to thank here too.


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