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I’ve been working on lots of things – at the same time as usual. It’s a wonder I ever finish anything. I was reading on another blog about limiting the creative theme to focus the creativity; but when I have a theme my brain immediately zips about with lots of different variations or uses for it. I can’t help it; and it makes finishing things so hard. As fast as I start something and prove concept, I have another idea; and then it is tedious to work on one thing when I’m itching to see what I can do with something else. Especially as, like most of us, I usually have to put it down in mid flow, to “do life”. This is why I am so often in a paper, wool and fabric chaos zone- one I have a definite love- hate relationship with. Sometimes I long for a nice normal uncluttered home- but a soon as I approach this holy grail… in starts to creep another muddle as I try to “just finish off this”.

For example yesterday- an “at home day”; having excavated my table the day before.
Started in the morning- over breakfast.
Decided to get on with the nursery rhyme boxes which I’ve been dying to do since I sold the Baa Baa Black Sheep one.

Got out “Mary had a little lamb”.
Remembered where I had got to.

Mary had a Little Lamb

Remembered the look I wanted for Mary – got out old needlecraft book to refresh my memory of the crinoline look.


Cut out Mary, roughly.


Realize she is totally out of scale with the lamb.
Remember him? He had a little side trip when I did the lamb jars.


So; also realized the crinoline Mary was for a “Mary Mary Quite Contrary” box!

The other style matchbox doll (here in my shop) had been my original thought – but I think her vintage pantaloon undies short circuited my memory to ‘crinoline effect’ and mixed it all up.


So redid lamb smaller anyway, as quite liking the crinoline Mary and getting on well – end in sight.
Took some photos as I am trying to get on top of this blogging-as-you-go thing. ( Sorry, they’re a bit dim; dull day. )
Decided to photo the crochet from night before while I was at it – pumpkin cosies.

cosy collection

See how this distraction thing happens…?
Peep Po!



smiley face


Waylaid by Mr. WG’s arrival and second breakfast cuppa!

Then, necessary housework. 😦

During tidying decided to prep evening ‘easy to do TV project’ while I was as it and the light was good enough in the “wool mine” (AKA spare room).

So sorted out some tiny balls of weird and wonderful marl boucle etc. that are lovely but only big enough crocheting for tiny objects (i.e. cosy, finally something to use them for!).

Daughter arrived for Tinkerbelle outfit and party planning.

Green dye session to dye purchased leotard from white to Tinkerbelle green ( win some; loose some. No need to cut out fitted underbody / need to have dye bath in kitchen sink for couple of hours).

Meanwhile… made some Peter Pan silhouettes to hang from party ceiling!

Fitted Tinkerbelle overdress dress toile in old net curtain ( handy in the hall in a designated “really do not need; to leave the premises” pile ) but it did come in useful after all.

– Fits. Yeah! Relief.

*worked out pompom for shoes- persuaded her old satin shoes better than new ditto for partying in. Or messing up with pompoms.


TV and bit of mindless crochet ( preparation paid off – yeah ) – some more cosies from bag of nice wool.

Made two!

Fell into bed!

This morning … Oh dear!

Tink stuff still in hall by big mirror (fitting remember)!

Mary the lamb, 3 pumpkin cosies and the two marley ones, all sitting on my table reproachfully!
One pumpkin at a jaunty angle on Shelly doll’s head – courtesy: tinkerbell!


Hmm; she looks a bit like I felt by the end of yesterday…

So I’ve typed this over breakfast. Badly.

Wonder when I’ll post it… 🙂

Anyone else have this sort of day?

It is fun though! Wonder what I’ll do today…


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Hijacked into making a ”1970’s” dress with a only a few days notice.

Luckily I remembered this pattern from my vintage stash…

Vintage Dress Pattern
…so sometimes the inability to throw away “useful stuff” is…well, useful!
Lovely Mum helped with the shopping, choosing and sewing up; I had (scary) cutting & fitting.

Vintage Material

I had to use another pattern for the sleeves, which seemed to fit OK, but (according to exasperated, sewing, Mum) did not fit when seamed! She worked some magic and they looked great to me. They were in, and there was a seam – albeit a tiny one. She shoots, she (lucky rebound) scores!

Cross country delivery to me for hemming and headband making etc. Yes it did look like a bit like a blouse after this, but that was the specified length!

WonkyGiraffe Dress
Followed by a cross country dash for the “Cinderella shall go to the disco party” bit.

And she looked F.A.B ..

WonkyGiraffe 70s dress

And will possibly (if she notices) kill me for blogging this!
Not really.
The texted “thank-you” as we arrived home was an aawww moment.
Quite fun really… maybe I should start making clothes again?

Oh and also a bit of last minute fun, a “card box” for birthday Alice. Starting from my “Alice in Wonderland” story box, but using some blooming lucky, spot on, photos from facebook – I could not have staged a much better fit.

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Happy New Year 2010-    

Twenty Ten – how sci-fi that sounds!    

  This year Wonky is going to try to get to grips with typing-     

not easy when you’re a dyslexic giraffe!    

If only I typed as fast as I speak…    

Still in holiday mode here; well actually just achieving holiday mode, after a rather exhausting Christmas! (Nice though). I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time preparing food in the kitchen. This may be the norm in some households but the kitchen is a room I’d happily dispense with 90% of the time. I dislike cooking so much that my daughter bought me this fridge magnet for my birthday a couple of days ago!      

Fridge Magnet photo

I was going to make a delicious dinner - then I remembered I don't cook


  I love it; it made me laugh so much. Actually I do, of course, cook. Reasonably well too I’m told (usually by desperate hungry people). I just moan about it so much everyone is beginning to think I don’t/can’t. Well, I did excel myself with daily spreads of home made goodies this year, or rather last year, which is why it only now feels like holiday time. I actually cleaned and tidied (OK removed tons of chaotic clutter) as well before Christmas; only so we could actually eat at the table and sit somewhere! So now I can enjoy some crochet or knitting- I daren’t get the sewing out quite yet as I’ve promised to start this year with starting to de stash….   

cue horror music… “THE LOFT”.    

  I’m also going to add these photos of the beautiful Narnia like, snow laden woods behind our house just before Christmas. I know lots of places get this all the time but for me it is a rare treat so I took masses of photos. I hope to use some in an art project soon- Narnia theatre boxes for the shop maybe.    

Through the gate and up into the wood

Through the gate and up into the wood

This beauty was the reward for sitting in the car in heavy (well, heavy for here) snowfall for the 4 hours it took to drive home, the evening before. Out of a car park and a mile along down the road! [High Wycombe was on the countrywide news as it was completely gridlocked; no one could get up, or down our steep hills!] It was miserable at the time- but the next day we met lots of people out enjoying the unexpected “proper” snow- all with stories of their experiences!! So it was worth it; especially this sweet vintage sledge,      

vintage wooden sledge with metal runners and red motif

vintage wooden sledge with metal runners and red motif


  and this one my son and Mr WG “wizzarded” up, on our kitchen floor, the instant it snowed – now that is a good use of the kitchen.     

homemade sledge

homemade sledge

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